CNC Machine Buying Guide

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CNC refers to the computer controls of a machine. With the help of a program code, it will be easier to replicate same parts. It is a great innovation in the field of manufacturing that makes mass production more efficient and practical. That is why companies, large or small, must exert effort to find a CNC machine that will best suit their needs.

Here are some tips on how you can get the best CNC machines.

- Buy and choose with the help of buyers representative. A buyers representative has been made to cater to the following needs and give advantages to CNC machine users -

1. To allow users to save time in negotiating

Most people who would buy CNC machines will have to settle with getting quotations from two to three manufacturers to save time and to avoid the hassle of talking to a lot of sales representative.

By asking professional help from someone who knows a lot about CNC machines and manufacturers, you will just coordinate with only one party- the buyers representative. They will be the one who will shoulder all the talking and negotiations for you.

And since they regularly collect updated quotations from the CNC machine manufacturers, it will take lesser time for you to get information regarding the CNC machine of your choice.

2. To check the quality of the products that they are referring to buyers

Buyers representatives exert effort to check that the machines that they will be referring to buyers are of good quality.

3. To offer a large variety of machines from different machine manufacturers

Most people do the common mistake of asking for quotations from the well- known (and expensive) brands in the market when they have the options of buying other brands that are as efficient yet cheaper than the “mainstream” brands.

Buyers representative offer quotations from less prominent CNC machine manufacturers that has cheaper price as well. In this way, the buyers representative also gives equal playing fields for all CNC machine manufacturers, both in the large- scale and medium scale.

4. To allow buyers opportunities to get the best deal for their money and save some too.

All buyers would like to get the best thing that their money can buy. Also, all buyers would also prefer to save their hard- earned money without sacrificing efficiency and quality. Here are some ways buyers representative can help you save money -

- The buyers representative only charge 5 percent of the cheapest CNC machine that meets the buyers requirements. That is a small price to pay for the assurance that you will get a wonderful CNC machine that will cater to your needs.

- The buyers do not have to settle in buying prominent brands and pay for the brand name. With lesser money to spend, one can get a machine as efficient as the prominent brands.

- By forming buying groups, buyers representative can also negotiate with manufacturing companies to give discounts to prospective buyers.

- With greater competition among the manufacturers, there will be better quality of products and more affordable prices.

- If getting help from buyers representative is not your choice, you can always do it yourself. The general rule in buying CNC machines is to be familiar with all the parts first then everything else will follow.

1. Make sure that the following parts are intact and correctly attached to the CNC machine to ensure the perfect working condition of the machine -

- the safety shield (a plastic that cover that protects the working space),

- the tool or drill bit (the part that does the cutting),

- spindle shaft (the part that holds the tooldrill bit),

- the spindle motor (the part that drives and controls the cutter),

- the vertical or upright column ( holds the pieces together) and

- the control box.

2. Always look for the emergency stop button in your CNC machine. This is to ensure that when an error is made, the machine can be stopped manually to prevent further damages from happening.

3. Big control guides are preferred so it will be easier for user to refer to it. It will also be helpful for operators who have poor eyesight too.

4. The plastic that comprises the shield must be made from sturdy polycarbonate.


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CNC Machines Get The Job Done

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If you need a machine that will improve your speed and accuracy then try a CNC machine when you are getting large jobs done or doing very repetitive tasks. You can get a used one for half the cost of a new one since most individuals wouldn’t want to spend their money on a new one. CNC equipment can be found in woodworking shops or industrial settings. Add them to your collection that includes a milling machine as well.

If you need to drill holes than consider a CNC router. Some of them can hold more than one tool too. This makes it possible to do more than one procedure at a time. This will help you cut back on the tie you spend working and help you become more accurate.

Computer Numerated Control is the full name for CNC. In the 1970’s this technology was first created. These machines are easy to run and operate after they have been initially set up. They also need to be set up correctly and programmed before they are operated.

They can be made so you can drill a hole automatically. This can be much more accurate and quicker than manual drilling. You will get more uniform results. If you have a large job that needs a lot of drilling then this can be a good choice for you. You might get more inconsistent results when you are doing manual drilling and if the operator gets tired.

If you want a good thing to cut wood with then try a CNC lathe. You can buy one that ranges from 15-40 horsepower. You will choose the lathe power you need depending on the type of wood you use. You can get a model that comes with more than one mode. You can one that is totally manual or CNC. You can rig each machine for your individual project.

If you want the best in milling technology then try a Bridgeport mill. You can find a mill in both a small shop or a large one. If you want a mill that will last forever than try a Bridgeport mill. They are very pricey and more so than most people can afford.

A CNC mill use a special type of instrument that uses a combination of robotics and computer programming. You will get great results better than anyone could ever want. These are the kind of mills that the airline companies use. The CNC decides which tool is need for an operation and changes as it goes.

Since CNC equipment is so pricey it means most people can’t afford it. If you get a used machine you may find that you can afford it. You may be able to save about half on a used machine compared to a new one.

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